History of Schultz, Inc.

photo6Our company was started by Art Schultz in 1978 as Schultz Oil. Art purchased a small tanker truck to collect waste oil which was stored and delivered as industrial fuel for local asphalt companies. He quickly became a well known businessman in Lansing. His quick response to people’s needs and uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time contributed to his success.

In 1980, the first new oil tanker truck was purchased with a capacity of 2600 gallons. In 1981, the first vac truck was purchased with a capacity of 2500 gallons. In 1982, a second vac truck was purchased with a capacity of 3500 gallons.

In 1983, the company was incorporated as SCHULTZ INC. and the business was moved to its current site at 750 Lake Lansing Road, Lansing, MI. It was during this time Art realized that the volatility of the waste oil market was too risky for his style. The decision was made to devote more time and energy into the non-hazardous sludge side of the business, developing an environmentally friendly way of processing this non-hazardous LIW and properly disposing of it!

He soon found out that to process this sludge, you need some special equipment. He designed and built our current processing plant that is still basically unchanged to this day. The wastewater that is recovered from this process is returned to the environment through the City of Lansing WWTP. The remaining dry solid waste is approved by the MDEQ to be used as Alternate Daily Cover at any Type II Landfill. That special distinction allowed Schultz, Inc. to collect non hazardous liquid industrial waste, transport it to the processing plant and then reduce the final product to a fraction of its original volume.

In 1998, Schultz, Inc. purchased its first 7 axle vac trailer designed for sludge, allowing for a larger payload and greater efficiency.

As time passed the decision was made to discontinue the recycling of used crankcase oil and to devote our time and resources to the processing and disposal of nonhazardous wastewater and sludge.

Schultz Inc has become one of the largest car wash pit cleaning and nonhazardous LIW companies in Michigan.

Our excess waste processing capacity allows our company to efficiently act as a processing facility which is open to other companies.

Our customers are treated exceptionally well with on-time pickups, energetic and bright team members, and the assurance that their nonhazardous LIW will be properly processed and disposed. Our mutual safety is #1…our customers are treated as a customer is expected to be treated…our disposal methods are unique…efficient…and cost effective.

If you want to know more about our organization, please call us at 1 800 PIT CLEAN (800-748-2532).

Timeline of Company Events

  • 1976 Art Schultz began hauling used motor oil which was stored and delivered as industrial fuel oil for local asphalt companies and power generating plants.
  • 1978 The first new oil tanker truck was purchase with a capacity 2,600 gallons
  • 1980 Second new oil tanker truck
  • 1981 The first vacuum tanker truck for sludge was purchased with a capacity of 2,500 gallons
  • 1982 The second vacuum tanker truck was purchased with a capacity of 3,500 gallons
  • 1983 The company was incorporated as Schultz Inc. Business moved to current site at 750 Lake Lansing Rd. Lansing, MI.
  • 1993 The first sludge tanker trailer was put into service, reducing the number of trips made by each truck
  • 1996 the company switched from operating straight tanker trucks to semi tractors and vacuum trailers, increasing our efficiency. Holding capacity of our trailers range from 4,200 gallons up to 8,000 gallons.
  • 2006 the company began accepting non hazardous LIW from other transporters for processing and disposal.
  • 2010 the company employs 17 individuals serving customers throughout Michigan.