Over 2500 clients have discovered that we are the No Hassles, High-Powered Vac Service Professionals

photo1Since 1976, we have earned a reputation of being a reliable and efficient provider for non-hazardous liquid waste transportation, processing and disposal services. Our reputation has come from delivering the best service possible to our customers. In fact, Schultz has a “Commitment to Excellence” statement as part of the training program for each new employee and is shared with every new customer.

Schultz Services

  • Waste Sampling
  • Car Wash Pit Cleaning
  • Floor Drain Cleaning
  • Oil Water Separator Cleaning
  • Reclaim Tank Cleaning
  • Fresh Water Tank Cleaning
  • Hi Pressure Power Washer Services
  • Sewer & Storm Drain Cleaning
  • Storm Drain Inspection
  • Third Party Jetting of lines
  • Non-hazardous Liquid Industrial Waste Transportation Services
  • Non-hazardous Liquid Industrial Waste Processing and Disposal Services
  • Free Evaluations & Quotes
  • Miscellaneous Vac Services
  • Emergency Services